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BlendologiaEnergy and beauty from nature

Blendologia is the first project in Croatia, which aims to educate people about the most efficient use of healthy raw foods and wild natural foods. Daily intake of sufficient quantity of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients reflects on the vitality, health and beauty.

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A healthy person has a thousand wishes, a sick person only one... Let us remember this old saying while we rush in a car, solve the stressful business situations or wait for hours on a medical examination...
If we want to be healthy, vital and full of energy, we must put our health first!

We can gain all the riches of this world, but if we paid for that with our health, it is worthless...
Let's open our eyes, every plant and every piece of fruit is here for a reason because nature provides everything... Let us think about it before we ruin our body with bad food... Our body is our only temple and it is up to us how are we going to feel in it...

We learn from our ancestors, because they knew why the flower in the meadow opens or closes, why has this plant grown 'right here', why we should drink water from the spring, what are the sun and the moon telling us... They knew how to walk the earth, protect the land and how nature can help us heal... They knew the importance of the mental balance, an honest friend, evenings spent with loved ones... They knew how to receive, but also give...

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