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BlendologiaEnergy and beauty from nature

New in Croatia…

Blendologia is the first project in Croatia, which aims to educate people about the most efficient use of healthy raw foods and wild natural foods.

Blendologia - "Energy and beauty from nature"

Daily intake of sufficient quantity of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients reflects on the vitality, health and beauty.

In our short video presentations we will inspire and teach you how to quickly prepare the healthiest meal for you and your family, so follow us on our official youtube channel Blendologia Croatia, our official website and blog, and social networks.


Blendologia Blog

Our blog is designed to support those who wish to change their diet, lifestyle, or just experiment with delicious and healthy raw recipes. Through our advice, guest experts and a variety of events, we will help you to become and remain a person with new energy and life philosophy.

Do not forget to participate in the joint creation of a new vital community through your comments below each post!;-)

Mirjana and Helena

Mirjana Malogorski

Helena Malogorski

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Blendologia team

Mirjana Malogorski

Looking at the life of my ancestors, people who were over 100 years old, I am trying to discover the secret of longevity, vitality and health.

09-11-2013 Hits:514 Team

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Helena Malogorski

Raw food is not a diet, it's a lifestyle. Daily intake of raw fruits and vegetables will nourish your body, but also make it healthy and full of energy.

09-11-2013 Hits:607 Team

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